Regula was a godsend, in a number of ways. First, she taught me how to breastfeed, and encouraged me to keep going in those early weeks when it was not easy. I feel it’s for her credit that I was able to breastfeed for six months.
–Connie Gove

Regula’s gentle touch, kind and thoughtful care and wisdom has made the transition to parenthood significantly easier and enjoyable with our twins girls. We really don’t know where we would be without her!
–Sanji Maliakal

I am a single mother whose family lives out of state. Regula’s supportive and mature personality was extremely calming for me. Having Regula around helped fill the void of no family to assist me. Her experience as a trained pediatric Nurse and lactation specialist were invaluable to me as a new Mom. Regula advisedĀ  me on nursing, burping, bathing, changing and most importantly on lovingly holding and comforting my babies.
— Lizette Campioni

Regula helped me right off the bat in the initial consultation by normalizing my concerns and sharing from her extensive experience. Regula gently assessed my daughter’s emotional state and momentary needs, and she helped me to ” hear” what my daughter was asking for.
–B. Beck

As a trained pediatric nurse, Regula brings a wealth of experience to new parents like us. Regula’s knowledge and in-depth understanding of health issues related to twins was very reassuring to us and I trusted her fully in her care of our daughters.
–Martina and Rich Frank

To us Regula was more knowledgeable than any of the nurses at Kaiser or CPMC. She would teach us finger-feeding, supplemental nursing system option, nipple confusion, breastfeeding twins, lactation support options, nutrition and diet recommendations for infants and nursing mothers, jaundice, infant development, and so on.
–Alisa Rubel

Her credentials, gentle manner and that she had raised her own twins made us feel like we could not find anyone who could be a better fit to help guide us in the first critical weeks and months. We feel so good knowing that our babies received the most loving care in those precious first weeks and we were given a great foundation to continue caring for our sons. To us it was priceless.
–Ingrid and Ian Makaruk

I have never felt as secure leaving my house to run errands as when I entrusted Regula with our boys.
–Ingrid Mayer

Whenever we had a question about alternatives for care for our daughter, Regula had multiple options for answers as she is familiar with both western medicine and alternative therapies. We feel that she is nothing short of amazing in terms of her overall knowledge and intuition about everything concerning newborns and nursing mothers. She was a joy to have in our home!
–Andrew and Cami Loft

Just knowing that Regula was coming was a great relief. She gave us peace of mind. She was always helpful and never intrusive.
–Peter and Tracy Mc Carty